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The participants of International festival of folk music “Kantele" - 2009

  • Minna Raskinen (Finland)
  • Vilma Timonen (Finland)
  • Duo Vesper (Olga Kurikka, Tatjana Kurikka) (Finland)
  • National consort/ensemble of folk music and songs “Zhitnitsa” (Belarus, Mogilev region, Klichev)
  • Song and dance ensemble “Dainava” (Lithuania, Alytus)
  • “Dzian Senaro – Trip Master” band (Moscow)
  • Folk-fyuzhn group «Mervent» (Moscow)
  • Ensemble “Stevija”/”Stevia” (St. Petersburg)
  • Popular national children's folklore theatre «Saly lenh» (Deer tracks) (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Yugra)
  • Ensemble guslar «Shikal-vetch» (the Republic of Mari El) Guslar`s ensemble “Shika-Vika” (Republic of Mari El)
  • Mantra 2525 (the Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola)
  • Instrumental ensemble «Komi sylan» (the Republic of Komi)
  • Folklore-ethnographic ensemble «Chipchirgan» (the Republic of Udmurtia)
  • The ensemble of traditional Udmurt`s instruments «Bydzym Crez» (Great Crez) (the Republic of Udmurtia)
  • The ensemble of Russian traditional instruments “Okolitsa” (Novgorod region, village Bronnitsy)
  • The ensemble of Kantele players of Youth studio’s Song and Dance ensemble of Karelia - “Kantele” (the Republic of Karelia)
  • Instrumental ensemble «Gornichka» (the Republic of Karelia)


VIII International folk music festival

30th September - 3thOctober, 2009

1. General provisions

1.1. International folk music festival “Kantele” has been held in the Republic of Karelia since 1994. The festival is unique occasion in cultural life, covering all spheres of contemporary usage of Finno-Ugrian musical instruments: solo and ensemble performance, scientific and research activities, instruments making technologies, playing teaching techniques. “Kantele” festival promotes traditional folk performance and its contemporary versions.

1.2. Festival organizers:

• Ministry of Culture and Public Relations of the Republic of Karelia
• Ministry on National Policy issues and Relations with Religious Organizations of the Republic of Karelia
• Petrozavodsk City Administration

1.3. Aims and objectives of the Festival:
• Preservation of unique traditional music instruments
• Development of conditions for preservation of the culture identity of different nations representatives and theirs creativity realizing
• support of traditional and contemporary forms of folk instruments playing
• expanse of the research and evaluation activity in the field of folk music
• development of making technologies of national music instruments

2. Festival structure

2.1. Concerts and performances – festival participants’ performances on concert grounds of Petrozavodsk and other districts of the Republic of Karelia; meetings of teams-participants of the festival.
2.2. Exhibition of traditional music instruments and national clothes – presentation of traditional music instruments and suits of the folks, the culture of them is proposed by teams-participants of the festival
2.3. Master-classes – transition of current experience in instrumental performance, production technologies, art-therapy
2.4. Speeches of creative workshop participants – results presentation of the Creative international summer camp of young musicians
2.5. Panel discussion for the leaders of the creative teams and performers –participants of the festival on sharing experiences

3. Place, terms and order of the festival

3.1. International folk music festival “Kantele” is held from 30th September to3th of October 2009 in Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia. Traditional musical instruments performers, soloists and ensembles, are welcome, as well as contemporary folk music ensembles, vocal and choreographic groups to the accompaniment of traditional instruments ensembles.
3.2. A group (a soloist) presents 2 programs, lasting 5 and 20 minutes, revealing thoroughly possibilities of represented instruments
3.3. Selection of pretender teams conducts by the Organizing committee up to 15st June 2009. The selection is based on application, audio and video materials. Photo and brief resume of the team should be attached to the application.
3.4. Number of delegation members should not exceed 15 people.
3.5. The applications are not accepted after the fixed term
3.6. The provisions of the International folk music festival “Kantele” and the application forms are placed at http://kultura.ptz.ru/festival.php

4. Bestowal
4.1. Festival participants’ will be reward with the diplomas and the memorable gifts.

5. Festival financial issues
5.1. Accommodations expenses and transportation services in Petrozavodsk to be paid at the cost of the host side.
5.2. Travel expenses to Petrozavodsk and back, visa and insurance to be paid by guests.
5.3. Organizing payments for each participant: for Russian citizens – 200 rubles, for other states’ citizens – 10 euro.
5.4. Russian and foreign sponsors have the right on placing their advertisement on festival polygraph materials.

Coordinators of the festival:
•Culture Board Petrozavodsk City Administration. Solovjev Sergey Ivanovich. e-mail: uk@petrozavodsk-mo.ru 185910 Petrozavodsk, Lenin’s Ave., Russia, 2. Ph +7(814-2) 71 34 42 / 71 33 76

Municipal institution of culture “Social and cultural center”. Rabyuk Lyubov Ivanovna. e-mail: domprima@sampo.ru , Kirov Square, 1, Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia, Russia, +7 (8142) 76 61 29


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